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Over 90 years of experience building some of the largest and most complex multi-story structures.

Our approach to erecting mass timber is different. We have the singular goal of providing the class leading structural services, unparalleled production, and a commitment to efficiency. We are material agnostic and our focus is on making mass timber viable relative to other structural systems. Unlike many turnkey providers focusing on proprietary products and systems, our focus is finding solutions that provide our clients with the structural solutions competitive with other materials. Leveraging our team and experience at Adjustable Concrete Construction, our team can deliver turnkey structure and the most competitive pricing. We will combine the highest caliber labor with a collection of the best partners to bring projects.

What makes our approach different?

Eliminating the inefficiency of mass timber projects.

Mass Timber as a structural system continues to build momentum in the United States after many years of use in other countries. Building codes are finally embracing timber as a viable alternative to concrete and steel. As the products and supply chain continue to evolve and grow, there continues to be a lack of focus on the erection of these structures.

Fully integrated fabricator-builder can be problematic. These entities require the developer to make critical design decisions much earlier than other structural systems, and often lock the development team into a specific ecosystem. We feel that mass timber should be approached not from a fabricator-led model, but from the erector. Like our approach with concrete construction, we partner with a collection of the best-in-class engineers and vendors to provide the most efficient structural solution.

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